Recipes & Meal Plans focusing on:

*Wild & Local Foods

*Real & Simple Ingredients

*Gluten Free

*Vegan, Vegetarian & Carnivore


Food in Your Backyard!

Yes, that’s right there actually is food growing all around us! Some may refer to them as weeds but if only they knew how nutritious and yummy these wild foods are. This article will introduce you to a few of the most common wild foods growing in New Brunswick however...

Making Pine Needle Vinegar

Herbal vinegars create a great combination as they combine the healing properties of apple cider vinegar with the nutritional components of plants.  Herbal vinegars can be tasty medicine that nourishes and healing our health from the inside out.  Vinegar has...

Five Nourishing Herbs to add to Bone Broth

There are more and more leaves floating thru the air in the past few days, creating a beautifully colored carpet on the forest floor.  A true sign that Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner.  Winter is not my favorite season but I do appreciate...

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